Repaving is always a great opportunity to rethink any public corridor! Yet it takes time…to re-envision a corridor for complete streets improvements. 

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First, we ask that SCDOT require more extensive public engagement prior to each resurfacing project of relatively great community impact. Those projects greatly impacting communities can include adding an exit off a limited access highway, lane conversions or complete streets retrofits, such as road diets, or other projects of major significance where the streetscape is greatly impacted.

Second, we ask that SCDOT provide multiple years notice for their non-binding lists of future resurfacing opportunities. We think prior notice should be expanded from the current 1 year list to multiple years. This would allow local planning staff adequate time to engage with communities and neighborhoods, so all options are on the table for improved street quality. It would also allow local planning staff to adequately fund for improved street quality, from every funding source possible.

More information on this SCDOT public input opportunity can be found here.